First Time Home Buyer - What Mortgage?

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Buying a home is complex. Being a first time home buyer in Utah definitely adds challenges and benefits to the overall home buying procedure. As first time home buyers represented by about a third of all overall home purchases, this population group represents a large market niche that requires special attention. There are many pitfalls and potential disadvantages to buying a home, which means that the first time home buyer in Utah must be aware of them before ever making an offer on a home. First time homebuyers need the assistance of a Utah real estate professional who specializes in helping first time homebuyers avoid common mistakes and maximize the opportunities for home ownership .

Potential homebuyers who decide to take advantage of the subprime mortgage boom and purchase homes without considering their ability to qualify for a mortgage may end up being disappointed. Unlike traditional mortgages, first-time home buyers who apply for a subprime mortgage may qualify for a rate much lower than their other counterparts. However, even if a first-time home buyer qualifies for a lower interest rate, there may be significant out-of-pocket expenses that they are not prepared for. When these unexpected costs arise, many first-time homebuyers may find themselves unable to qualify for a home loan, thus effectively shutting their opportunity to purchase a home. You should click here for more about this topic.

Potential homebuyers who decide to purchase without seeking professional guidance or assistance from a licensed real estate agent may be setting themselves up for future financial problems. Many homebuyers do not take the time to calculate the cost of a home loan, find out if they qualify for a subprime mortgage rate or know the amount of out-of-pocket cash that they will have to pay. Potential borrowers who do not obtain the assistance of an agent or broker may not have the knowledge to negotiate with sellers in order to obtain the best possible price on their homes. Negotiating with sellers can be very complex and requires a lot of experience, education, and understanding of the current real estate market.

A first time homebuyer in Utah should take the time to do some research on their home loans and their potential refinance options. The interest rates on many refinance loans are quite high, which can put significant pressure on monthly budgets. In addition, many first-time homebuyers do not have access to special financing programs that can help them overcome obstacles and reduce the overall costs of their home loans. Fortunately, the real estate market is one in which home loans are available to qualified buyers. 

The state of Utah has developed a multi-faceted first time home buyer program  that provides incentives to qualified first time homebuyers and helps them find the right lender for their loan. Homeowners who receive assistance from the Utah Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) may qualify for a variety of programs, including lower interest rates, loan assistance, and reduced monthly expenses. For first time homebuyers, as well as second and third time homebuyers, there are a number of programs that can reduce the overall costs of buying a house in Utah.

As a first-time home buyer in Utah, you should also consider getting some help from your financial institution. If your bank or mortgage company in Utah offers any type of mortgage insurance, it may be worth it to inquire about the amount of assistance that you may be eligible for. Some mortgage insurance companies can significantly reduce the closing costs associated with your purchase price, thereby helping you save money on your mortgage payments. The mortgage insurance that you purchase can either be paid through the loan repayment method, or it can be paid to the seller through either a purchase price deposit or payment in advance. Here is a post with a general information about this topic: